Ignite Leadership Programme

This programme is Rural NZ focused, with its objectives being to: 

1. Improve your ability to communicate effectively
2. Support the development of those around you;
3. Adapt to where individuals and teams are at, and to lead change from there.

About the Course

The course is delivered over two days and generally held in rural communities in New Zealand, so that it's easily accessible for attendees. 

Over the two days, we'll work through a programme of work that is focused on developing your leadership and coaching skills.  

In addition to the onsite course, we'll follow up with additional one-on-one coaching sessions, making sure that the learnings are firmly understood and cemented into your everyday practice.

You are also given all the course notes which are hugely valuable for ongoing reference. 

Who's it for?

The course is designed for anyone who has leadership aspirations, but it's particularly suited to those who work on farms or in rural supply businesses.  

All of the cases studies and examples we use over the two days are rural/NZ in nature, which means they can be easily assimilated and understood by attendees.  

Of course each course will have a different make-up of attendees, but generally we have a wide variety of people from farmers, to 2ICs to those who work in business or rural corporates. All attendees are there because they want to learn and be better, so we find that there's high levels of engagement and an easy and relaxed camaraderie amongst attendees.

Hear what past attendees have to say:

Confident Coaching

The Ignite leadership course has given me a lot to think about. I’m looking forward to practising my new coaching skills with my kids and my staff.

A Tight Knit Team

Our team is communicating better, striving for the same goals and is a tighter knit team. We are thrilled with the results and would encourage any farm team to invest in Rural Coach’s workshop on Team Culture.

Upcoming Ignite Leadership Programmes


22 / 23 February 2022


2 / 3 March  2022


8 / 9 March 2022


3 / 4 May 2022


5 / 6 July 2022


18 / 19 October 2022

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