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Meet Ashley Burdon

Southland  / /  M: +64 21 214 4862  /  in

Ash gains genuine satisfaction from helping people. That moment when someone’s face lights up as they get clarity on what really matters.

Ash is a Southland local and graduated from Lincoln in 1998 before starting a 10 year Rural banking career. Following stints banking in London he returned to Southland to work at McIntyre Dick where he is now a Director. He has also been an associate of Rural Coach during this time.

He has learnt the value of understanding his strengths, leveraging the strengths of others and the influence of various leadership styles. He has an understanding of how farming families work, the challenges they face and how having a plan is critical to driving a business forward.

Ash is a firm believer that a deeper commitment is made when people build a plan themselves and that coaching is the path to allow this to happen. He always looks forward to the opportunity to work with more families to help them build their ideal future.

Connect with Ashley

For more information on how Ashley can help you, your family and your business, fill out the form below and he will be in touch within 24 hours.

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