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People360 Programme

As the name suggests, People360 is a 'full circle' review process which helps identify what is going well and what opportunities there are for improvement and growth for you and your team.

This programme is particularly useful for those looking to develop people, practice and careers.

Putting People First

Partners Dani Darke and Sarah Barr explain the People360 process. This programme is a discovery tool that provides a deep dive into the entire scope of anything to do with the people side of your business.

About People360

People360 is the ideal programme for farms and rural business people who want the best for their people and their operation.  Sometimes you think you know what's working and what needs fixing, but until you've asked everyone for their 'point of view', you can't be certain...

That's where People360 comes into its own.  We are independent, rurally minded and experienced in asking good open ended questions and then actively listening to feedback.  Over and above this, we know how to collate and share this information in a way that retains its integrity, but without compromising working relationships or any confidences shared.

If you want to be the best employer you can be, and create an environment where people want to work for you and stick around, then People360 is for you.

Who's it for?

The great thing about People360 is just how scaleable it is.  

We use the same People360 framework on family-owned two person farms, right through to supporting the People & Culture objectives of large scale, multi-site, rural companies like Dairy Holdings Limited.  

Wherever there are personalities and communication involved, that is where we thrive.  We help by finding out what people are thinking, but perhaps not saying, and then facilitating the conversations that matter so that positive change can occur.  

People360 is a safe, proven and effective way for any size of rural operation to get the insight they need so that their business and its overall operation can be more successful.

Interested in People360 for your farm or rural business?

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