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Meet Sarah Barr

Partner  -  Mid-Canterbury / South-Canterbury / North Otago / Otago  /  /  M: +64 27 444 9380  /  in

Sarah’s great understanding of everyday challenges, demands of rural life and running a business comes from lived experience - she grew up in a farming family and has spent her life living and working rurally.

Sarah feels a deep affinity with the goals and purpose of Rural Coach and it is this personal connection that allows her to provide relevant and individualised support, coaching and facilitation to her clients.

Passionate about seeing people get the results they are working towards, Sarah is admired for quickly determining whatever skills, knowledge or other supports are required. She is accomplished at challenging people while also ensuring they are listened to and understood; always providing a safe environment for individuals, families and teams to achieve their goals.

Connect with Sarah

For more information on how Sarah can help you, your family and your business, fill out the form below and she will be in touch within 24 hours.

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