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Meet Brett Robinson

Partner  -  Northland  /  Auckland  /  Waikato  /  Taranaki  /  Whanganui  /  M: +64 21 966 158  / in

Brett has had a passion for farming and its people since he left school and was introduced to the world of farm finance, working in the Rural Bank and Finance Corp sectors.

Brett completed his B.Ag.Com (VFM) degree at Lincoln College in 1988, and followed a career in Agri banking where he became Regional Manager for Agri in the King Country before joining the Private Banking team.

During that time, Brett and his wife Leanne have been involved in several farming ventures, raising 2 kids whilst running a commercial calf rearing operation for 8 years, investing into a 50/50 sharemilking venture and eventually Equity Partners in a 900 cow Dairy Farm in Southland.
Owing a commercial trade business for nearly 4 years before joining Rural Coach Ltd,  they now live on a 43ha Maize block at Newstead.

Brett's knowledge and skills within the industry and an understanding of the rural community, make him an ideal consultant to help others navigate their future.

Connect with Brett

For more information on how Brett can help you, your family and your business, fill out the form below and he will be in touch within 24 hours.

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