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Purpose, Plan & Team

By Sarah Barr

It is inevitable we will all face challenges in life – personally and in business. How well we respond to these is determined by our preparation.

Many in our rural communities are currently feeling very challenged – national policies, staffing shortages, weather events and financial challenges to name a few.

Rural Coach partner Sarah Barr has seen firsthand the benefits of being prepared during massive client challenges. While supporting farmers dealing with devastating effects from adverse events such as drought, earthquake and Mycoplasma Bovis, Sarah observed some key factors in those who were most resilient and rebounded from their challenges fastest.

These people and businesses minimised the lasting effects of the adversity by having 3 key factors in place.

  1. They were clear on who they are, their Values and what matters most to them. This gave them the motivation to push through.

  2. They were disciplined in their planning and had their finger firmly on the pulse through regular objective reviews. They have clarity of their guiding principles from which all decisions are assessed against. This gave them a clear and compelling Vision to help determine the next steps.

  3. They have surrounded themselves with a trusted team – partners, staff, professionals and mentors. This gave them a network to call on for diverse views and expertise - unafraid of being judged for not having all the answers. This required them to have a combination of courage and vulnerability, both powerful attributes to have when feeling challenged.

Waiting until you are in the eye of a metaphorical tornado, before developing your strategy, means you have already suffered some loss.

Rural Coach specialises in assisting Confident Farmers Achieve their Dreams by ensuring all 3 factors are in place before a tornado strikes.


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