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In this booklet, we’ve drawn on our 100+ years of collective experience in succession planning to identify the nine most common mistakes that farming families make, and how to avoid them happening to you and those you love. 

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Moving Your Farm Forward

Partners Dani Darke and Scott Neeley discuss Succession Planning, why it's so important in this day and age, and how the discovery process can connect the needs and wants of both generations.


Total Transparency

We are confident that we didn’t coerce our family to do our wishes. We have peace of mind the decisions made were totally the family’s (not just ours). The end result is the family business is divided fairly, the family are all on board, and we have total transparency.

Dairy Farmers / Canterbury

Future Focused

For our sons it has given them information, grown their business knowledge and helped them formalise their own goals and ambitions. It’s made them more aware of each other’s needs and the journey we’re on to get from today to where we all want to be in the future.

Dairy Farmers / Nelson

Creating Clarity

The thinking and communicating behind the scenes got options on the table and it was really nice to discuss the business as a family. It's the first time we've all sat down together for an open and frank discussion and it was really positive. We've all come out of it with more clarity.

Drystock / BOP

Inclusive Conversations

It's not often that we get a chance like this, as kids, or as the next generation, to have this type of conversation.

Son-in-law, married to 4th generation dairy farming family / Ruawai, Northland

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