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Your Values Discovery Starts Here...

Values describe who you are, what you live for and what you stand for.  By understanding your values, you are able to understand your natural talents and strengths better, and lay a foundation of trust with others.    

Our Values Discovery Questionnaire is designed to help you:

  • Better understand why you are the way you are,
  • Get clearer on why you enjoy doing what you do best,
  • Identify how you can contribute to your team and your family at a deeper level, and
  • Support you to achieve ‘what matters most’ faster and in better shape.

Key Information before you get underway...

  • Please complete the questionnaire on your own (when done, you can share and discuss with others).
  • Allow 25 minutes to complete all of the questions - if you need more time or you are disrupted, you can save and come back to the questionnaire later. 
  • Remember that this is not a test and there are no right or wrong answers.
  • Relax! 

If you would prefer a printed copy of this questionnaire and to answer on paper (or if you want to consider the entire questionnaire and prepare your answers on paper first), then please click the link to download the PDF here. 


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